Bradford Services, Inc.


The individuals who comprise BRADFORD’s leadership team are successful, experienced business professionals who possess over 35 years of facilities expertise, comprehensive janitorial, stocking and warehouse programs, and solutions-oriented management for reliable results for all types of facilities, from public and private sector to government facilities. Few companies provide the deep expertise in facilities management services with the opportunity for a social impact like Bradford Services, Inc.


As a social enterprise BRADFORD Services’ leaders are committed to guiding in its mission to provide jobs for people with disabilities. Our inclusive workforce is carefully vetted and trained.

Where We Work

We offer both integrated and stand-alone services for all types of facilities, from secure military installations, public and private sector to government facilities.

Board of Directors
Monique Medley, President/CEO
Robert Bradford, Secretary
Lauren Tucker, MSW, LCSW / Director
William Jenkins, Operations Director
Richard Wagner, Director

Get in touch:

Bradford Services, Inc.

2213 Judy Drive, Meraux LA 70075

Phone (504) 717 6962

Fax (504) 324 0111

Bradford Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

“So many things are possible for people with disabilities. It’s incredible how having a job can change their lives. Everyone at Bradford Services knows that people with disabilities can accomplish anything.”

Monique Medley